Buddhist Asia: Traditions, Transmissions and Transformations

  An NEH Summer Institute ~ May 25 to June 26, 2015 ~ Honolulu, Hawai'i ~ Hosted by the Asian Studies Development Program

Buddhist Asia: Traditions, Transmissions and Transformations.

This multidisciplinary program will offer five weeks of context-rich engagement with Buddhist teachings, practices and primary texts (in translation), with a  focus on how they have shaped and been shaped by cultures and societies throughout Asia. The program will enable participants to appreciate how Buddhism addressed both personal and social needs in ways that were inseparable from the dynamics of intellectual exchange, artistic production, trade and politics. Designed to strike a balance between the needs both for breadth and depth in engaging traditions that are culturally and historically distant, the multi-disciplinary program of Buddhist Asia will provide abundant resources for developing pedagogically-effective course materials across a wide range of humanities and social science disciplines.  Applicants accepted into the program will receive a $3900 stipend to help defray the costs of participation.

The program will be structured both geographically and historically, working out from Buddhism’s South Asian origins in the first millennium BCE through its progressive flourishing in Central Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia. Each of the first four, regionally-focused weeks of the program will feature sessions that address the intellectual, spiritual, ritual and institutional dimensions of Buddhism, including close readings of classroom-relevant primary texts, but also sessions on how Buddhism both adapted to and affected political, economic, literary and artistic dynamics. The final week will be organized around  four "case studies” of Buddhist traditions changing in response to global modernity. Throughout, the aim will be to generate a richly interactive intellectual environment, carefully combining lectures and discussions led by some of the best teacher-scholars in the field with weekly film screenings, museum visits, small group discussions, and curriculum development sessions. Read more...

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