Buddhist Asia: Traditions, Transmissions and Transformations

  An NEH Summer Institute ~ May 25 to June 26, 2015 ~ Honolulu, Hawai'i ~ Hosted by the Asian Studies Development Program

Participant Projects. In this part of the site, we will include links to drafts of the “teaching, research, and/or writing projects” developed by Institute participants over the course of the program. These projects can take many forms: a detailed course module based on Institute content; a significantly revised or entirely new course syllabus; an annotated bibliography of works useful in teaching about Buddhist Asia; an outline of a new research paper, or a plan of action for building a Buddhist studies program. The main objective is for participants to produce something that documents the value of participating in the Institute: a well-defined and substantial outcome of being a member of the Institute community.

Of course, it is understood that preliminary ideas about projects can evolve in new directions over the course of the program. The Institute Director will meet with participants in small groups over the first weeks of the program to offer feedback on project ideas. These small group meetings will also provide an opportunity for some peer feedback and mutual inspiration.

Participants and Their Final Projects (in alphabetical order)

Amar, Abhishek
Brown, Sid
Davis, Andy
Gadkar-Wilcox, Wynn
Jiang, Xinyan
Marchman, Kendall
Newman, Emily L.
Pirruccello, Ann
Wang, Qiong
Austin, Tiffany
Chao, Jacqueline
Falcone, Jessica
Herr, Ranjoo
Kunu, Vishma
Massey, Daniel
Nguyen, Cuong
Powell, John
Brasovan, Nicholas
Collins, Jane
Freiner, Nicole
Hung, Tsun-Hui
Long, William
Mulnix, Jennifer
Pearson, Kerrianne
Soong, Micheline

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